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Logo The Illinois Bowhunters Society is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the education and representation of all legal, ethical, and responsible Illinois bow hunters. We work to promote bowhunter safety for new and seasoned hunters alike. We interact with local and state legislators, as well as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, to support legislation and conservation policies that are sound and beneficial to both the natural resources of the State of Illinois and its bowhunters. We firmly believe in, support, and promote, hunters as a wildlife management tool. The Illinois Bowhunters Society also supports the ethics, but not necessarily the equipment restrictions, of the Pope & Young rules of fair chase.

Over several years the IBS has won numerous hard-fought battles to protect the natural resources of the State of Illinois, and open up new and better opportunities for its bowhunters. Many battles are well behinds us, but many more lay ahead.

The goal of this site is to promote the wise use of the state of Illinois’ natural resources while at the same time protecting and promoting bowhunting within Illinois for Illinois bowhunters. Additionally, this site is intended to educate the bowhunters of Illinois about situations that may arise from time to time that may affect their rights.

From Winnebago to Alexander Counties, from the Indiana border to the Mississippi River, we're here for you. Whether you hunt with primitive bows and flint heads, or the latest compounds with sights and a release, we want you to be a part of the IBS. Please join the Illinois Bowhunters Society, and help us work for you. After all, it is our future we are working to preserve.

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